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What Groups Do You Identify With?

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Following the herd also prevents us from doing things we want.

We often associate herd psychology as causing us to do things we normally wouldn't do. But it also prevents us from doing things we really would like to do. It is incredible how most of us are wired to tend to stay with the group. Some speculate that this is due to our need to survive and that it is a protective measure. Regardless, understanding how it influences our personality and major decisions can be a game changer.

You Are Unique

“Sometimes we feel that its too late, we're adults now and Nevernever Land is a fantasy.”

Where does a child's enthusiasm originate from? They are usually uninhibited and therefor don't experience the feelings of self conscious the same way we adults feel it. This means that inherent within every person is an enthusiastic and excitable individual. Sometimes we feel that its too late, we're adults now and Nevernever Land is a fantasy. But what if we are actually dying to break out of our shell and truly express our authentic self?

Understand yourself but don't forget the group

The first step is to deep dive on yoursefl and explore what makes you move. When journeying inward, don't ignore the group dynamic. Who would you be if you grew up in a different country? What if it were a third world country? What if it were an island with just your nuclear family? What groups do you identify with and how do you think that impacts your decisions? Not little decisions like what to wear. How does it impact the big decisions, like how much to pay for rent? Which zip code will you live in? What will you do? Who will you marry? The little questions are important but don't forget to think about the group impact on the big questions as well. You may surprise yourself.

“Public opinion impacts us more than we care to admit.”

Once you recognize this in theory, you'll see it in practice. Making change and strenghting your inner core takes time and effort. The time is required to really sensitize yourself to how you are impacted by the group. Sometimes this plays out in one to one interactions as well. Some of my clients will become introverted during first dates and others will over compensate. Why? Often times they are thinking about the normative behavior and estimating what will impress the other party based on their assessment of the group value system. Being your true self can be challenging but highly rewarding in more ways than one.

Make the time

It is often difficult to make the time to grow. The cost of not trying is even greater though. At The TRIBE Group we value your time and created this online course. Each week you watch short video and then map out your thoughts in journal questions and excercises. Then that week you'll notice the concepts play out in really life.

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