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The Facebook Gap Is Real

Image is everything? What if that image is nothing more than a mirage in your imagination?

When you run after honor, honor runs away from you. Imagine that. You keep running and running and running….running after a goal that just keeps getting further and further away. You spend all of your life faking it in some regards with the hopes that you’ll make it and that no one will truly understand that the facade you show the world is not really who you truly are. That  “you” that lives quietly deep inside of your shell. You get so skilled at the building and maintaining your facade that you begin to believe that “it,” is your actual self.

What if the dissonance that we feel in our lives is because we’re looking through the wrong lense and in the wrong mirror? 

I call this gap, the Facebook Gap. It is the distance between your facade and your true authentic inner self. 

The gap is real, but hope is not lost. Lets begin...

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