"I could have anything I want in the world except one thing. More time."   -- Warren Buffet

We have one shot at life. Let's get it right.

Welcome. Here at the TRIBE Group we view every person as uniquely talented with your own special mission to fulfill in this world and in essence, the center of your own community (even though you may not look at it that way).

Additionally, each one of us is extraordinarily dynamic with so many different moving parts in our personalities. In that light, you are the leader of your own (internal) tribe as well. Your tribe has artists, athletes, builders, academics, nutritionists, explorers, reporters, and so many others. Together they make you who you are. Your mission is to maximize your true and authentic"self." Our mission is to help you do precisely that.

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Sharing wisdom is our craft. We work with high performers to create actionable steps towards a crystalized goal. We pride ourselves on providing a tailored curriculum that fits each persons sensitivities and needs.


Choose from the following two formats.



In the first few sessions we crystalize exactly what you want to learn which is often centered around a particular challenge you're working to master. I am a mentor. I am not a mental health professional and this is not intended for individuals with acute pathology. I prefer not to open up old wounds but sometimes it helps to get the full picture so we know which topic to focus our learning. We will only discuss things that you're comfortable discussing and things directly related to designing actionable steps forward. Once we crystalize your goals we can begin the transformative hyper-relevant learning experience.



We recognize that not everyone wants to discuss personal history or emotions. Some have a very clear vision of their goals and want to tap into the deepest most holistic wisdom of all time, the Torah. Accordingly, some opt for the more non-invasive learning approach. We can discuss a menu of options our first meeting.

Whether you have a particular topic that you'd like to delve into or are unsure of where to start, this is a good option for you. We can discuss the menu in our first meeting.



“…For the first time in my life Judaism is as intellectually rigorous as my physics."

D.  / PhD. / Harvard University

“In our first meeting which lasted about an hour, he crystalized things for me more deeply and clearly than decades of therapy."

A.  /  Teacher 

“Every minute is a step forward in my personal growth."

G.  /  PhD.  / Tufts University 

"Wow. How did you do that? In just 60 minutes."

E.  /  Software Engineer

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30 min.

Meet up online.

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